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The Adventures of Captain Jack
Indianapolis - the JackBear Adventures... 
14th-Oct-2007 12:05 am
team gaz
 Saturday 13th Oct... (huzzah thats today! i've nearly caught up with my LJ)

We-Hey!!!! off to the Indy 500 track, otherwise known as the Indianapolis Speedway. (this is the reason we came to Indy!!!!!!)

Soo so hyper!

this is the Hall of Fame! a museam to racing.


when we get there we find that there is a Special Track and Grounds tour, (thats on only every other saturday) sweet we couldnt have timed it better!

of course we had to go on it, the first stop was the museam, 

we found Schumacher's 1991 Bennetton. so JackBear had a photo..

(JAckBear even got his own button for the tour, as the lady on the till fell in love with him and insisted on giving him is own badge as he was "very cute" the badge says - Indianapoilis Speedway - I was here

And Barichello's Stewart Racing car, from 199(9)?

Then JackBear spotted a shiny Ferrari

then JackBear found a lovley PINK car!

and a shiny yellow car... (prob had lots of history behind it but... oops cant remember...)

then i got hyper cos we found Jacques Villeneuve's car from when he won the Indy 500 in 1995
yea! (this was when i loved Jacques! before he got grumpy driving for a non winning team for toooooo long in F1!!!) Bless! oh who i am kidding, i still adore him! SQUEEEEEEEE!

then we found a car JackBear could sit in! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

and YEA for Dario for winning both the Indy 500 this year and the Indy Championship!!! huzzah for British Racing Drivers!

and then on to the Track tour YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

the famous start/finish line with the bricks that once upon a time the whole track used to be made from, hense its nickname "the Brickyard"

one of the drivers who keeps wining here Helio Castronevis likes to climb the fence when he won the race... this is JackBear doing the same!

mini jack on the start

JackBear at the start

JackBear on the pit wall.

me on the pit wall...

we then went up to the media centre, and could sit in the seat that the winners normally sit in for the press talk etc...

and had a fantastic view of the start line from the 3rd floor building!

THEN!!!!!!!!! we got to go to the podium! WOW!!!!!!!!!! hyper ness ensued!
JackBear is the Winner!!!!!!!!!

then we got shown the hospitality suites that the teams have for their guest VIP's and it also had fantastic views of the start and the pit lane garages.

we then got shown Race Control, and ALL the tv screens where the stewarts sit and control all the yellow flag incedents and can see if there is any debris on the track, and if a clean up team is required etc!!!! 

and they had a board showing where all the ambulances and cranes and removal trucks are on the track incase of emergency.

then it was time to head back, but a quick pic of the cool flowerbed and a few last shots of the infeild park of the track,

then it was bye bye to the Speedway, and back to the hostel,

stoped by a t-mobile store and FINALLY managed to top up my phone! yea i has credit on my shiny american sim card! so it should work again now!!!!!

going to Saint Louis tomorrow til the 16th
well more updates when i next get tinternet!

21st-Oct-2007 01:13 pm (UTC) - First comment!
You're very lucky people Abi nd Abi's friend (sorry forgot your name). I can't help but feel you are rubbin' it in a bit..."here's me bear at Washington DC, heres me tiny Jack at the Idianapolis Speedway, heres me at the tower thing in whatsitplace, it really sunny here, heres me bear again at New Yorker." Great. That bear has been places I havent. Thats good for my self-esteem.

Well, enjoy the rest of your trip!

From Joshy Noshy who likes the Coffee
22nd-Oct-2007 06:04 pm (UTC) - Re: First comment!
hiya Josh!
heheh! glad ya enjoying the pics! there will be more up soon!
Abs and JackBear and MiniJack
22nd-Oct-2007 08:27 am (UTC)
Hi Abs brilliant did you get to drive round Indy track that would have been so cool if jack bear could have done that. Lewis didn't win the F1 Championship Raikonnen did. From Jacque R (drama team)
22nd-Oct-2007 06:06 pm (UTC)
oh well, poor Lweis,
didnt manage to catch the last race as it was on at a very silly time in the morning here, and i didnt get my dad's txt till after the race was over.
we didnt get to drive round the track, but we were driven in the bus round, and that was still good fun!
catch you later
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